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At Action Carpet & Cleaning our philosophy regarding Cleaning Services is this:

  • Attention to detail (especially edges) drives the focus of the cleaning and end results.
  • Our “Foamitizing™” process for cleaning textiles is our own exclusive Trademarked process.
  • “Foamitizing™” Cleans Deeper, Dries Faster, & Last Longer than other inferior methods in the industry.
  • The safety and care of your floor-coverings and interior fabrics is our main concern.
Why Choose Action Carpet and Cleaning Company for Your Carpet Cleaning Needs?

Sometimes more than vacuuming is necessary when carpet cleaning has to be done. Having a professional carpet cleaning service like Action Carpet and Cleaning Company carry out the task is highly recommended. Carpet muffles sound, prevents slipping, and collects debris and soil that would otherwise get tracked throughout the house. Perhaps most important, carpet cleaning is a way to maintain a carpet's durability and ensure its usefulness for a long time.

A carpet cleaning service that sells carpet also has benefits. The company is well-versed in how a carpet should look and how well it is made. The knowledge is applied, when doing an inspection, and in the treatment of carpet. A professional carpet cleaning service has the knowledge, cleaning solutions, and machines to clean carpet properly.

Professional carpet cleaning removes allergens, odors, dirt, and stains from carpet. Different methods are used to achieve a clean carpet. The most common method entails a few steps. Fragile and small items are first removed from furniture pieces that will be relocated while cleaning. The carpet cleaning professionals do all the heavy lifting.

A pre-inspection looks for permanent stains and determines the material and construction of the carpet. Some natural fibers, such as jute, will shrink when wet. This inspection is an important step in the process.

Thorough vacuuming of the area removes debris. A spot treatment and pre-spray are applied before a hot water extraction process begins. Pressure and heat are carefully regulated to prevent the carpet from becoming too wet. A diluted cleaning agent removes bonded grit and dirt. The water is immediately sucked up; a front to back process is used.

A post spot treatment tends to any trouble spots. The carpet is then raked to be more aesthetically pleasing and to encourage faster drying. Carpet cleaning that restores floor covering to its former vibrant softness is a job for professionals. Hiring a company like Action Carpet and Cleaning Company is the safest and most effective carpet cleaning decision. Action Carpet Cleaning has a trademarked process called ‘Foamitizing' that cleans deeper, dries faster, and lasts longer than inferior methods.

The carpet cleaning company offers a 100 percent guarantee of satisfaction. Satisfied customers from Cambridge, Eastern Shore, Easton, Kent Island, and St. Michaels, know how effectively Action Carpet and Cleaning Company performs carpet cleaning for area customers.

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