Having a fresh, clean carpet might just be one of the greatest feelings a homeowner can experience. There’s nothing quite like the freshness, the feeling when you walk on it afterward, and the pride you’ll feel when guests arrive.

If you have recently decided to have your carpet cleaning done professionally, we have a few tips that will make the experience go as smoothly as possible. Sometimes we are so caught up in the excitement, we forget to plan ahead. And that’s why we’re here! If you have any additional questions, please feel free to stop by Action Carpet and Cleaning Company’s showroom, located in Easton, Maryland. We’d be happy to help!

Getting Ready
If you have any particular concerns, such as areas with tough stains, high traffic areas that are more worn than others, or anything that needs a little extra TLC, take the time to make a list. This way, you won’t forget to inform the cleaners when they arrive. Their attentive detail to these spots could make a huge difference and insure your satisfaction once the job is finished.

Moving any furniture that would prevent cleaners from thoroughly cleaning the floors is another good idea. Working around coffee tables and chairs can take longer, and can also give less than perfect results. Also, the wet carpet can often leach chemicals from the wooden legs of furniture, leaving a horrible stain. We certainly don’t want that!

If you have drapes or curtains that touch the floor, you might want to take the time to remove them, or pin them up. Like the wooden legs of some of your furniture, the wet carpet can pull dyes from them as well.

In addition to moving furniture and pinning up drapes, you should also remove anything from the room that could get broken. While our professionals make every effort to take the greatest care while in your home, accidents do happen. They have to move around a great deal and might bump into something during the carpet cleaning process.

Last, but not least, make sure to vacuum your floors well before your carpet cleaning. This allows the professionals to focus on a deep cleaning that will give you the very best results possible.