You might think it’s no big deal to do your own carpet cleaning. You can easily rent a shampooer and do it yourself, and you can save a lot of money by doing so. But are you really saving money? It could be that you are actually doing more harm that good, with the best of intentions, and without even realizing it.

With that in mind, we want to tell you about some of the most common mistakes made when homeowners attempt to do their own carpet cleaning. Action Carpet and Cleaning Company wants our customers to be well informed when it comes to the best practices for their carpets.

It is Possible to Over Shampoo
When doing your own carpet cleaning, it’s tempting to use a lot more shampoo on areas that are dirtier than others are. However, using too much shampoo, or not rinsing the carpet properly after a regular shampoo, can cause problems. The soapy residue that builds up not only become impossible to remove, it quite literally becomes a magnet for future dirt!

Too Much Water is a Problem for Carpet
If during your carpet cleaning procedure you use too much water, it can soak all the way to the bottom. This not only discolors the backing material but it can also cause certain carpets to shrink. The carpet actually tears itself up from your floor!

Of course, we can’t forget about mold and mildew either. Carpets that become too wet are also hard to dry, and the remaining dampness will usually cause mold and mildew to grow and can become a health hazard.

Wet Carpet and Furniture Don’t Mix
One of the most often-made mistakes in DIY carpet cleaning is placing furniture back onto carpet that isn’t yet completely dry. Most furniture pieces have legs and feet that are wood that has been stained. It is not uncommon for dyes in the wood stain to leach into the carpet fibers and create a nasty stain. Other pieces of furniture might contain metal rings, which can leave rust spots. Either of these stains can easily become permanent once dried.

Leave it to a Professional
It’s actually easy to avoid all of these easy to make mistakes. Feel free to find out about our professional carpet cleaning services by stopping by our showroom in Easton, Maryland.