Your Oriental rug adds an air of elegance to your home that few things can. No regular rug, can that’s for sure. However, Oriental rug care is an absolute must if your rug is going to maintain a decent lifespan.

At Action Carpet and Cleaning Company, we know how important your Oriental rug is to you. So we want to give you a few tips on proper Oriental rug care, so that your rug will last as long as possible.

Rotate Your Rug
We suggest that you rotate your Oriental rug from time to time. The level of traffic that goes across your rug will dictate how often that rotation needs to happen. A rug that’s in a very high traffic area, should be rotated about once every two or three months. This will allow the wear to be distributed evenly and give the rug a uniform look for longer. It’s actually a staple of Oriental rug care.

Air the Rug Out
Another important aspect of Oriental rug care is making sure that it is aired out often. Mold and mildew can have devastating effects, since moisture can happen, even if you guard against it meticulously. About once every six months to a year, you should let it air out for a few hours outside. You can do this anytime your rug gets wet.

Wipe Down for a Freshening
Most people beat their rugs to rid them of deep down debris, but this is not recommended in Oriental rug care. Instead, use a damp cloth or a sponge, to wipe down and refresh the surface of your rug.

Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning
Every so often, a professional should be the one to perform your Oriental rug care. Soil can build up, along with dirt and grime, that can cut down on the overall life span of your Oriental rug.

If it’s been a few years since you’ve had a professional cleaning, or if you’ve never had a professional cleaning done, contact Action Carpet and Cleaning Company. You can stop by our showroom in Easton, Maryland to schedule your Oriental rug care today.