Area rugs can be a focal point in any room they happen to be in, thanks to patterns, textures, shape and size. Many homeowners use them specifically as this décor element, while others use them for protection of the flooring underneath the rug. Whatever you choose to use them for, they still need to be properly cared for, so that they will continue to look good. Still more important, if you let rugs remain dirty for long periods of time, you’re likely to see a buildup of allergens, pet dander, food particles and bacteria, as well as everyday dust and dirt.

Action Carpet and Cleaning Company knows that this can all come together to actually pose a health risk to anyone in the home. Since your floors mean as much to us as they do to you, we are committed to making sure your area rugs are cleaned completely and professionally. Our showroom is located in Easton, Maryland and we invite you to visit us to speak with a flooring specialist about your own area rugs.

Many things can cause problems with area rugs and create stains that get ground in over time. Pollen and dust, hair, spills and debris that gets tracked in from outside, all combine to create quite a havoc on your rugs. Even sunlight can cause damage that you’ll soon be able to see.

Regular vacuuming is one of the best things you can do to be proactive about the cleanliness and care of your rugs. In areas where they see regular traffic, vacuuming every day is not too much. It helps to keep daily debris and dirt from accumulating in the carpet, and keeps it from being crushed deep down into the fibers.

Some people are strict about their floors and don’t allow shoes to be worn. This does help a great deal in keeping debris from being tracked in, as the soles of your shoes can carry many things to your floors. This includes germs, and not only dirt.

When it comes right down to it, there’s nothing quite like a professional cleaning for your area rugs. The deep cleaning makes for cleaner rugs, and a fresher, long lasting smell in the air. Call us today to hear more about our area rug cleaning services.