When you have babies, small children or pets in the home, you have to be a little more careful when choosing a professional carpet cleaning service. These days, parents and pet owners are much more shrewd about the types of chemicals they allow in their homes. As they should be, of course. We don’t blame them, and want to make sure their minds are put at ease when the time comes to have their carpets cleaned.

At Action Carpet and Cleaning Company, we care about more than just your carpets; we care about our customers and their families. If their safety is important to you, it’s certainly just as important to us, and we’ll make sure all safety procedures are taken. We have a showroom located in Easton, Maryland, and we invite you to stop by to speak with a cleaning specialist about the products that are safest to use.

Facts About Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

It’s certainly no news flash that cleaning products often contain an array of different chemicals. Some of them may not be entirely safe for use on surfaces that come in contact with your babies or pets. Furthermore, some cleaners not only contain those chemicals, but continue to emit vapors even as they dry, which can further increase the dangers to those you love.

The best cleaning products for pet-friendly and kid-friendly cleaning, are those that are non-toxic and labeled as biodegradable. Labels for these products might contain terms such as “phosphate free”, “petroleum free”, “solvent free” and “VOC free”, just to name a few. Anything with a “toxic” warning label should be avoided, if safety is your primary concern.

As a general rule, the fewer ingredients a cleaning solution has in it, the less chance there will be of running into something toxic. While that isn’t always the case, you should try to avoid cleaners that contain tannic acid, perfumes, sodium hydroxide or formaldehyde.

If you are concerned about carpet cleaning that is safe for babies and pets, be sure to contact us to discuss it in more detail.