If you have upholstered furniture in your home, as most homeowners do, then you know each piece needs particular care. These pieces can’t simply be cleaned like other surfaces in your home. They need special attention to maintain their lifespan and continue looking their best. In some cases, especially if heavy stains are present, they need specialized cleaning, with more care taken to get those stains out.

At Action Carpet and Cleaning Company, we specialize in more than just flooring. In fact, our techs have been trained in some of the most hard to clean surfaces, including Haitian cotton, velvet and jacquard. Your pieces will be specifically pre-evaluated and inspected prior to the actual cleaning process, and each cleaning comes with Dupont Teflon Seal absolutely free. We have a showroom located in Easton, Maryland. Feel free to stop by anytime to speak with one of our upholstery cleaning specialists. They can assist you and answer any questions that you might have about the process.

The Importance of Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery is often one of the most overlooked surfaces in the entire home, as far as cleaning is concerned. However, these surfaces are used as much and usually more often, than much of the surface of your flooring is.

Keeping up appearances isn’t just a fun term to use. The appearance of your furniture can quickly decline after months of use without proper cleaning. However, when cleaned appropriately, it not only looks nicer, but ends up lasting longer as well. What’s more, most homeowners don’t realize that upholstery can harbor mold and bacteria that can build up over time, and cause potential risks to the health of the entire family. Even if it doesn’t turn into a health risk, it can certainly cause a lot of bad odors to form and waft through your home.

You might think giving your upholstered furniture a good wiping down will do the trick, but that’s not the case. Stains can be ground in and deeper into the surface of your furniture than it seems to you. While you might be reluctant to pay for this type of cleaning, consider how much more replacing the piece will cost.