Oriental rugs are hand knotted carpets that are manufactured in such oriental regions as Asia, China, India, Pakistan and Nepal. Some of the most common materials used to create these masterpieces are cotton, silk and wool. Because of the nature of these rugs, they must be carefully cleaned by someone with knowledge about the material, and the way it reacts when handled. It isn’t simply a beautiful piece of décor, it is literally an investment that, over time, increases in value. When properly cleaned and cared for, it’s likely to last long enough to be passed down through several generations.

Action Carpet and Cleaning Company knows the value of an Oriental rug, and each one is carefully examined in order to decide which method of cleaning will work best. Different cleaning methods apply depending upon the dyes and fibers used, as well as the way the rug is weaved, and we are careful to not only clean, but also revive your carpet. We have a showroom located in Easton, Maryland. You are welcome to stop by any time to speak with a flooring specialist about our process, and set up a time to have your rug cleaned.

It’s important to have these rugs cleaned at least once a year. For one thing, it can prevent wool from drying out, as brittle wool can cause debris to accumulate. As this happens, the fibers themselves tend to break down, attracting such pests as dust mites and moths. Regular cleaning can also help to extend the life of the rug, keep the colors true, and help to maintain the fringe. The fringe is most often made up of cotton, and a natural fiber such as this can soak up dirt and stains easier than those of a synthetic nature. Once this happens, they begin to look dull and reduce the color.

Even Oriental rugs that hang on the wall need this type of regular cleaning. While they aren’t walked on, and don’t suffer the same kind of wear and tear, they do tend to accumulate grease, dust and smoke and quickly and to become dull looking over time.