2018 has seen the arrival of many new trends, so it only seems appropriate that laminate flooring trends would make our list today. In fact, these trends are not only stylish, but they can make designing your room, or even your entire home, an easier process than you might have thought. Being able to stay up to date not only means you’ll be happier in your home. It means that in the event you decide to sell at some point in the future, you won’t have to spend any money upgrading your already stylish floors.

Action Carpet and Cleaning Company stays up to date with the hottest and latest trends in design ideas and color combinations. Since we care as much for your floors as you do, we want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your final choice. Furthermore, we can help with designing your floors to either create a separate and unique space in each room, or create continuity throughout your entire home. Come see us at our showroom in Easton, Maryland for more information and samples of the latest trends.

Laminate Flooring Trends for 2018

Laminate continues to be one of the best wood-look hard surface floorings on the market today for residential homes. With new technology coming out at an ongoing rate, laminate looks more like real solid hardwood flooring than ever before.

For the most up to date look for 2018, some of the most popular colors are going to be dark espresso, gray, blonde, whitewashed, and honey. The trend also sees a high variation of dark and light combinations, with extremes between the two.

As for looks, smooth floors continue to be very popular. However, even though they are smooth, they can have the appearance of being rustically hand scraped, reclaimed, weathered, or even distressed. In fact, as 2018 progresses, it looks like the textured look is only going to get more popular, with an emphasis on the distressed look.

When it comes to patterns and layouts, herringbone, diagonal and wide and mixed width boards, are currently the going trend. Homeowners are enjoying the possibilities that laminate affords them in being able to get creative. Fun patterns in widths that are a bit less than conventional are a total showstopper, turning your floor into a statement rather than a décor element.