Most carpets should be cleaned every six to eighteen months, depending upon the amount of traffic in the room, and the amount of soil that gets tracked on to the carpet. However, other factors might also necessitate the use of a professional carpet cleaning as well, aside from normal wear and soiling. We are going to discuss the top five of those.

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Here are those top 5 reasons you might need to seek professional carpet cleaning:

1. Professional cleaners are experts in their field. Not only do they have the specialized training necessary to do an array of extensive cleaning, they usually have the experience to go along with it. They know what they’re doing, and you’ll reap the benefits of that when you hire professionals to take on your soiled carpet.

2. Professional cleaners have the very best equipment. Sure, you can rent that machine from the local grocery or discount store, but they aren’t anything close to the exceptional equipment your cleaning company will have. This means that you will get the cleanest carpet by hiring professionals. 

3. Professional cleaners know how to match carpet fibers with cleaning solutions. It’s a fact that not every carpet fiber should be cleaned in exactly the same way. Professionals know that each fiber reacts differently to different cleaners, and they can choose the perfect one for your own carpets.

4. Professional cleaning can add years to your carpet’s lifespan. Nothing takes quite the same toll on carpet fibers as deep, settled in dirt and debris. But the dingy, dirty look isn’t even the worst of it. Those things can also cause stains to deepen over time, and also create odors that will wind up wafting through your entire home. 

5. Professional cleaning makes your home look and smell better. Of course, you already know a cleaner carpet is a better looking carpet. But you can also expect a fresh smelling house, from room to room, after your cleaners finish with your carpet.