Hardwood Refinishing


When it's time for hardwood refinishing

After a decade or so, it’s likely that your wood floors will be showing signs of wear and tear, and you might consider a hardwood refinishing service. With the right protective coating, a dense wood will withstand scratches, scuffs and stains fairly well. However, over time, it is inevitable that these things begin to take a toll on your floors.

Choosing the right refinishing service can make all the difference, as can knowing what to expect before the work begins. Action Carpet & Cleaning Company wants you to know you have a friend in the business. Serving the areas of Easton, Eastern Shore, Cambridge, Kent Island and Saint Michaels, we offer quality floor refinishing. If you are in these areas, we invite you to come out to our showroom, located in Northfield, NJ, and speak to one of our flooring professionals about our quality hardwood refinishing service.

What to expect with hardwood refinishing

As with any quality service, refinishing your wood floors takes time. If you can, we suggest using this time for a quick family getaway, a few nights over with friends, or the vacation you’ve been planning. While refinishing can be carried out while you are still in your home, it’s a lot harder to do this way.

In preparing for this procedure, there are a few things you can do to make things easier for both you and your flooring professionals. To start with, you will want to remove all the furniture in the rooms in which floors have to be refinished. Move them into a room that is not being refinished, or into a storage unit just for this purpose. The furniture will have to stay out for a few days, since the entire procedure includes stripping the old floors, refinishing, restaining and application of any protective coatings you’d like to have applied.

You can also expect that there will be quite a bit of dust created during your hardwood refinishing project. Because of this, it’s a good idea to go ahead and tape up any vents in the affected rooms, or rooms that are adjoining. This is the best way to keep the dust from traveling throughout your home and clogging up your ductwork.

After the work is completed, you will still not be able to walk on your floors for a couple of days. The stain and other coatings must be given time to dry. However, your hardwood refinishing professional will fill you in on all the details.

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